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Covid Assistance Solutions

We are all in this together and we are here to help you be as prepared as you can to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are some solutions that we have available to help you deliver as safe of an environment of care as possible in this time of critical need.

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Whole Room Disinfection

Skytron 3200 Max

Ultra Powerful Single Emitter System

The 3200 Max is the most powerful UV light disinfection system in the world, ideal for healthcare facilities requiring maximum disinfection in the least amount of time. It is the only system in the world that incorporates an automated lamp shutter protection system.

Shorter Run-Times

Highest single emitter output, resulting in faster cycles. Faster cycles equals more rooms in less time.

Higher Room Throughput

Faster cycles equals more rooms in less time.

Smart Cycle UVC

Field Balance and PowerBoost UV Technology.

• 254 nm Wavelength
• 6,250 µW/cm² UVC Intensity
• 2,860 Total Watt Output
• Single-Cycle, Single Placement Treatments
• Field Balance Technology
• PowerBoost UV Technology
• Wireless Controller
• Room Balance Scanner Support
• Data Tracking Portal

Skytron 2280 Syndicate

Dual Emitter System

The 2280 Syndicate is a paired system of UV emitters specifically designed to work in tandem to emit germ deactivating UV energy. The two emitter platform delivers versatility resulting in fast and highly effective disinfection treatments.

Multiple Locations

Dual Emitters allows two locations to be hit with one cycle.

Shadows Minimized

Two Emitters allows for more effective treatments.

Lower Labor Costs

Units do not require repositioning to complete cycle.

• 254 nm Wavelength
• 4,000 µW/cm² UVC Intensity
• 2,280 Total Watt Output
• Single-Cycle, Single Placement Treatments
• Wireless Controller
• Room Balance Scanner Support
• Data Tracking Portal

Skytron 1140 Sentry

Single Emitter System

The 1140 Sentry delivers a strong germ deactivating UV dose in an affordable and portable package. A quick-release base allows the emitter to be easily placed in tight quarters like EMS vehicles and helicopters. Ideal for many applications including assisted living and extended care facilities.


Category leading UVC power, single cycle disinfection.


Removable emitter for use in small spaces.


Lightweight and easy to move.

• 254 nm Wavelength
• 2,000 µW/cm² UVC Intensity
• 1,140 Total Watt Output
• Single-Cycle, Single Placement Treatments
• Wireless Controller
• Room Balance Scanner Support
• Data Tracking Portal

Indigo Clean

Continuous Visible Light Disinfection

​​​Current environmental disinfection methods are short-lived, and harmful bacteria begin repopulating the space as soon as cleaning is complete. Enter IndigoClean: a patented, continuous environmental disinfection technology that uses visible light to safely, automatically, and continuously kill harmful bacteria, 24/7, in the air, and on hard and soft surfaces. It also prevents bacteria from repopulating the space, consequently bolstering current infection prevention efforts.can be integrated into your AirFRAME ceiling system or implemented as standalone light fixtures.  

High Levels of Disinfection

Indigo-Clean has been proven to reduce surgical site infections by 73% and harmful bacteria by 85% in a recent AJIC peer-reviewed study. These results, combined with the additional cost per patient due to HAIs, suggest that preventing even a single infection would create a positive ROI and drive down costs for healthcare providers.

Easy to Operate

Indigo-Clean requires no special training, additional staff, or consumables to operate

Two Light Modes

Indigo-Clean has a White Disinfection Mode and Indigo Disinfection mode.

• 180° top rotation
• 500 lb lift and articulation capacity
• Battery power
• Positioning options include 90° back-up position
• Durable stainless steel base is easy to clean
• 27 3/16”-40 15/16” adjustable table height
• 23° lateral tilt
• 28° Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg


3200 Max

2280 Syndicate

1140 Sentry

UV Wavelength
UVC Intensity
6,250 µW/cm²
4,000 µW/cm²
2,000 µW/cm²
Total Watt Output
Single Cycle, Single Placement Treatment
Field Balance Technology
PowerBoost UV Technology
Wireless Controller
Room Balance Scanner Support
Data Tracking Portal

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Device Disinfection


Complete Disinfection for Mobile Electronics

The ElectroClave Solution is the industry's comprehensive system for disinfection and management of your mobile electronics. Whether you are looking to manage patient-facing or your staff's devices, we have you covered. From 360-degree UVC rapid disinfection to complete compliance and audit reporting, the ElectroClave is the solution your organization needs.

Keep Patients and Staff Safe

Eliminate germs on personal devices with 360-degree UVC rapid disinfection with no material degradation.

Device Management

ElectroClave offers a real-time disinfection status of your devices throughout the organization.

Quick Disinfection Cycles

The ElectroClave can sanitize mobile devices, name badges, eyeglasses, and more in under three minutes.

• Patented UV LED Bulbs
• 360° Disinfection
• 60s Disinfection Time
• 3-log Reduction (99.9%)
• 6-log Reduction (99.9999%) in 6-min cycle
• RFID Technology
• 2/3/4 Shelf Configurations
• Data Tracking Portal


Aurora 4

Putting the Surgical Team in Control

After spending decades lighting the way for surgical teams around the world, Skytron has combined all of the features important to the operating room in the Aurora Four light. Put the surgeon in control of the light they need with the Aurora Four’s Focus Control. With a twist of the central sterile handle, the light can be focused deeper into a cavity where light is essential. This also allows placement of the light head farther away from the field and out of the way of all staff.

Clear View without Obstruction

The Aurora Four surgical lights bring crisp, deep-cavity illumination to any procedure. With unique reflector technology, the lights dramatically minimize shadows that obscure visibility of the surgical site.

Effortless Operation

Featuring focus control from the center sterile handle, seeing precise detail no longer means repositioning the light head, adjusting the spot size or leaving the sterile field. The focal point adjusts according to the surgical team's preference – with only one twist of the handle.

Selectable Color Temperature

Skytron puts the clinician in control with the option to choose between a warmer or cooler color temperature based on the procedure type.

• 24" or 30" head diameter
• 160,000 LUX output
• Camera Ready
• Surgeon-Controlled Intensity & Focus
• Multiple Color Temperature Settings
• Ceiling, Stand, or Boom mounted

Stellar XL

Ideal For Any Application

The Stellar XL surgical light provides an ideal balance of high-tech features and value – perfect for any clinical setting. The center handle focus control allows adjustment of the focal point with a twist of the wrist, eliminating the need to reposition the light and keeping headroom clear and line of sight open. Available in single, dual or triple light head configurations and as an upgrade option, the Stellar XL is adaptable to any situation – whether replacing outdated technology or outfitting a new space.

Handle Controlled Focus Capability

Featuring a 27” range of total focusable depth, the StellarXL’s focal point can be easily fine-tuned with the center sterile handle – without moving the light head itself.

Vertically Segmented Reflector Design

Each of the high-intensity LED is suspended upward-facing in its cradle, allowing the vertically segmented reflector (VSRD) to redirect overlapping rays down to the surgical field. The result is 2,000+ beams of light that converge into a continuous column.

Selectable Color Temperature

Skytron puts the clinician in control with the option to choose between a warmer or cooler color temperature based on the procedure type.

• 24" head diameter
• 160,000 LUX output
• Surgeon-Controlled
• Ceiling, Stand, or Boom Mounted


Superior Illumination, No Glare

DoVera offers less eye fatigue with its unique Double Reflection technology, eliminating glare at the lighthead and providing uniform light across the surgical field. High intensity LED-light beams project onto a segmented mirror, which reflects the light onto a smooth second mirror and subsequently to the surgical field. The Courtesy Light on the top of the light offers safety without distraction in darkened surgical areas.

Double Reflective Technology

DoVera’s unique Double Reflection technology eliminates glare at the lighthead and provides uniform light across the surgical field. High intensity LED light beams project onto a segmented mirror, which reflects the light onto a smooth second mirror and subsequently to the surgical field. Double Reflection eliminates glare produced by traditional direct lighting technologies

Personalized Lighting

Capacitive touch control at the yoke allow for easy, personalized set up of the light. Three spot sizes provide the right amount of light for every procedure while the seven color temperature options create a range of options from soft to bright white light. The surgical team can adjust the intensity to their preference throughout the procedure via the sterile center handle.Optional wall control available for adjustments outside of the field.

Courtesy Light

Offers safety for darkened surgical areas.

• 20" Head Diameter
• Single or Double Yolk
• LUX Output
• Reflective Technology
• Ceiling or Stand Mounted
• Wall Control Option


Aurora 4

Stellar XL


Head Diameter
24" or 30"
LUX Output
Camera Ready
Mounting Options

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Aurora Astro

A Versatile Solution

Set up cases faster with Aurora Astro's 360 degree-infinite rotation at all joints. With its ability to easily make subtle adjustments, you can obtain light where you need it most.

Simple and Efficient Positioning

360 degree rotation on all axes and 355° lighthead pitch for simple and efficient positioning.

Better Surgical Sight Visualization

Two available color temperatures (4100k and 4500k) based upon preferred surgeon preferences. Color correct light provides correct tissue rendering, assuring that each tissue and organ is seen and identified accurately. With Aurora Astro’s spectacular CRI and R9 values, clinicians can be confident that color correct light will be delivered flawlessly every time.

Shadow Reduction

The combined 1,281 overlapping rays of light converge at the surgical field in a crisp, homogeneous spot with superb shadow control.

• 17.5" Head Diameter
• 126,000 LUX
• Fixed Focus
• Ceiling, Stand, or Boom Mounted
• Display Arm Option



Great contrast, no glare, and less heat.

You don't expect an exam light to have the same shadow control as an OR light, but that is exactly what the Spectra offers. Providing consistent, high-quality light to support the best visualization of any site the caregiver needs.

Vertically Segmented Reflector Design

Seven LEDs with Vertically Segmented Reflector Design(VSRD) optics for shadow control, a perfect spot of bright white light and the same high quality, reliability and durability you have come to expect from Skytron.

Suspended LED System

Provides brilliant, white light.

Energy Efficient

LED Technology helps drive down energy use and eliminate heat.

• 12" Head Diameter
• 51,000 LUX
• Ceiling, Stand, Wall, or Boom Mounted
• Optional Sterilizable Handle


Comfort and Ease of Operation

This easy to use examination light will stand up to daily use in any environment. With three different mounting options, the TR-7 is a perfect addition to any emergency, labor and delivery, general examination, patient care or imaging departments.

Easily Positioned and Adjustable

When mounted from the ceiling, the TR-7 offers a large range of motion and a 70” (1778mm) reach. An ergonomically placed switch on the light head provides intensity and on/off control for the practitioner

Homogeneous Illuminated Area

The illuminated area meets the highest technical lighting requirements for exam lights. The reflection, shadow, and glare-free lighting generates an ideal field of vision.

Energy Efficient

The TR-7 uses energy efficient LEDs that cost less to run and last longer than traditional lights.

• 12" Head Diameter
• 55,000 LUX
• Ceiling, Stand, or Wall Mounted




Head Diameter
LUX Output
Mounting Options
Ceiling, Stand, Wall, or Boom
Ceiling, Stand, or Wall
Optional Sterilizable Handle

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Ook Snow

More Than a Hospital Bed

A dignified medical environment that offers appealing beds goes a long way towards easing a patient's transition from home to hospital. The Ook Snow offers many options to healthcare professionals and can be adapted to meet the requirements of any demanding hospital environment. Our ergonomic designs give patients more autonomy and ensure their safety.

Maximized Patient Safety

Whether they are in a short-term or a long-term care facility, patients have an understandable fear of falling. For the healthcare provider, the risk of serious injury caused by forceful exertions and non-ergonomic positions is also a concern. The Ook Snow is designed with this in ming. A low 10" height, ergonomic side rails, built-in bed exit and night lights, one-touch adjustments, and the downward motion interrupt system all contribute to making this bed comfortable and safe.

Infection Control

Seamless, smooth surfaces means easy cleaning and maximized infection control.


This bed offers customizable configurations to meet your needs. Optional features include smart screen on footboards control, bed exit side view lights, wall protection bumpers, and more. Please consult the brochure for more information.

• Weight Capacity: 600 lb.
• Height Range: 10" - 30" dual caster | 11.5" - 31.5" single caster
• Overall Width: 39.25" rails down| 40.5" rails up
• Overall Length: 88" | 92"-98" w/ extension
• Backrest: 0° - 60°
• Knee Gatch: 0° - 30°
• Trend/Rev. Trend: ± 16°
• Boostless: 4"


COVID-19 Limited Release

Pairing the industry’s longest top slide with substantial weight capacities, imaging access is only part of the 3603 Ultra Slide Series advantage. Combine the table’s top slide capabilities with an 800 pound articulation capacity, and the result is the best of both worlds: imaging and power. The table’s impressive 26" of top slide accommodates the industry’s most generous articulation capacity and provides superior imaging for patients of diverse sizes.


0-60° adjustable backrest positions with 4 preset positions, including 30° HOB.

Quick Deployment

Ready to use and compatible with standard hospital bed support surfaces.

Easy to Store

Efficient stackable design for easy transport, storage, and quick install.

• Weight Capacity: 440 lb.
• Height: 12"
• Overall Width: 36"
• Overall Length: 90.25"
• Backrest: 0° - 60°

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