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We are uniquely positioned to meet the needs of any operating room, from small and simple, to large and complex.

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Sterile Processing

With small footprints, high capacities, environmental-friendly designs, as well as non-proprietary parts and consumables, our portfolio is designed to address the evolving demands of today’s CSPD.

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Cath Lab & Radiology

With articulating light hubs, industry-leading large display reach, and space-saving designs, our solutions offer the flexibility and functionality that these complex environments demand.

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Endoscopy & GI

Our space-saving booms, compact video management systems, and next generation image capture platform improve safety, efficiency, and space utilization.

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Labor & Delivery

With the #1 LDR lighting solution in the country, it’s likely you’ve worked with a version of our wand-guided Skytron Lights. We also have solutions for C-Section Suites, a special recovery bed for mom and little visitors, and light disinfection technology to keep everyone safe.

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Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of today with flexibility to adapt in the future, so that you may improve patient care, bolster patient and staff safety, as well as optimize functionality.  

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From patient beds optimized for fall prevention to UV light technology for infection control, we are proud to be a part of making hospitals safer.

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Emergency Department

Like an ER, our solutions address many needs. From exam and trauma, to isolation and behavior health, we offer unique solutions that help care providers deliver excellent patient care safely and efficiently.

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