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OR Cockpit

Customer Testimonial

OR Cockpit

Hear What Hospital Staff Have to Say

OR Cockpit provides accessibility at a completely new level, allowing each team member to have real-time, relevant information so that the entire team feels empowered to course correct behavior change. Patient Safety and Efficiency Indicators allow teams to view their successes as well as their areas for improvement. These, in conjunction with the automated reports and analysis, can help motivate staff to achieve new levels of efficiency and quality of patient care.

OR Cockpit

Visual Management Tool

OR Cockpit is a real-time visual management solution for surgery that improves patient safety and process efficiency through increased awareness, behavior change, and workflow processes. Surgical teams benefit from smart real-time information, dynamic safety protocols and increased workflow control, all through one central system.

Real-Time Smart Information

Integrates data from EMR/EHR (e.g. EPIC, Cerner), major OR equipment and systems and displays essential information to clinical staff.

Safety Protocol Compliance

Visual cues and a dynamic Patient Safety Score alert staff if key protocols are incomplete allowing for timely adjustments in care. This triggers a behavioral response, which can reduce the likelihood of surgical site infections.

Automated Analytics and Reporting

Access real-time reporting and analytics for continuous learning and ongoing process improvement.

• 180° top rotation
• 500 lb lift and articulation capacity
• Battery power
• Positioning options include 90° back-up position
• Durable stainless steel base is easy to clean
• 27 3/16”-40 15/16” adjustable table height
• 23° lateral tilt
• 28° Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg

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