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ComfortNEST Green

4 Zone, Visco Topper

Designed with four distinct zones, the ComfortNEST Green responds to the pressure redistribution needs of each body area and reduces the risks of pressure injuries. Built with a viscoelastic memory foam topper, it offers additional immersion and comfort to the whole body.

Antimicrobial Components

The ComfortNEST Green supports your infection prevention and control programs. Its 100% medical grade non-allergenic foam and antimicrobial components assist in prohibiting growth of bacteria and fungi.

Adaptable in Behavioral Health Settings

The ComfortNEST Greenᴹᴴ provides increased security to patients who need high-observation care such as safe rooms, psychiatric units or detention centers. Its durable design features a fully enclosed cover with no handles or zippers to prevent patients from tampering with the mattress.

Durable Support for Bariatric Care

Specifically adapted for bariatric care, the ComfortNEST Green+ is available in different widths and has a 1000 lbs weight capacity. Offering the same comfort and pressure redistribution capabilities as the ComfortNEST Green, it is built with a high resilience foam that provides additional support and durability.

3-layer / 4-zone construction

Made of 3 layers and 4 zones, the ComfortNEST Green has a high-quality design that ensures long-lasting performance. Its varying foam densities and firmness levels address specific pressure redistribution and support needs of the different areas of the body.

Viscoelastic Memory Foam Topper

Designed to offer additional body immersion and envelopment, the viscoelastic memory foam topper reduces pressure points and provides extra comfort.



4-way stretch polyurethane


Pressure redistributing 5.0 lbs density viscoelastic memory foam


1.9 lbs density and IFD 23 – 31

HR foam on ComfortNEST Green+


HR 2.5 lbs density and IFD 24 – 32


1.9 lbs density and IFD 23 – 31

HR foam on ComfortNEST Green+


1.6 lbs density and IFD 16 – 24

HR foam on ComfortNEST Green+


2.0 lbs density and IFD 78 – 85 provides stability and facilitates bed egress and ingress

Greenᴹᴴ Specific

Fully enclosed cover

No handles, No flaps, No zippers

Green+ Specific

Anti-Shear cover dissipates heat and reduces friction


Meets Federal Standard 16 CFR 1632, Cal. TB 117Optional barrier to meet Cal. TB 129 and Boston Fire IX-11

Weight capacity: 550 lbs; 1000 lbs ComfortNEST Green+ model

Non prorated 5-year guarantee on the Green and Green+

Non prorated 3-year guarantee on the Greenᴹᴴ

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