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IV Transport Systems

Streamline™ IV Transport System

IV Suspension

Streamline improves the safety of your patients while they are being transported to different areas of the hospital. Transport employees can do their jobs with ease, with the ability to move even heavy patients and multiple pumps safely and efficiently. Docking the pole directly to the bed allows employees to maneuver the bed with both hands.

Easy to Use

In seconds, the IV Suspension System can go from an infusion stand to a suspended, securely locked part of any bed or stretcher.

Adaptable Configurations

Avoid Staff & Patient Risk

Streamline™ is engineered to minimize the risks associated with intra-hospital transport.

• Pump Configurations: Alaris Side-by-Side Pumps (3 up) | Baxter Single Pumps (3 + 6 up) | B Braun Stacked Pumps (3 + 6 up)
• Up to 8 IV Hooks
• 36 lbs w/ Wings | 30.5 lbs w/out Wings
• Power Adapter
• Bed Adapter

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