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Prep & Pack Tables

Ergostat Prep & Pack Workstations

Height Adjustable & Ergonomically Designed

ErgoStat Prep & Pack tables are designed to alleviate the physical stress placed on technicians performing the inspection, assembly and packaging in your Central Sterile Supply Department. Available with either powered or manual height adjustment capability, the ErgoStat® features a solid surface work station that adjusts from 26 ½” to 41 ½” – easily accommodating technicians of all heights in both standing and sitting positions.

Alleviate Physical Stress

Height adjustable work surface and ergonomically correct alignment of computer monitors, lighting, bins and pegboards.

Built to Last

ErgoStat has a non-porous solid work surface and heavy-duty inner/outer leg extrusions for increased stability.

Designed for Your Needs

With a variety of accessories available, the Ergostat Workstation will meet your needs and improve your workflow.

• Dim. Options: 61.5" x 33" | 73.5" x 33" | 61.5" x 39" | 73.5" x 39"
• 26.5" - 41.5" Adjustable Height
• Power or Manual Height Adjustment
• Multiple Accessory Options
• Foot Rest

Stainless Steel Prep & Pack Workstations

Ergonomic Design

Designed with ergonomics in mind, the Stainless Prep & Pack Workstation features a modular design, allowing for multiple configurations and adjustability for all body types. Choose from the many optional features including adjustable height (manual or electronic), overhead light, magnification light, CPU holder, electrical strip, and more.

Highlight 1

The 1602 Essentia provides extensive imaging access at the head and foot end of the table with 180° top rotation. A simple turn of the handle permits top rotation, allowing the table to rotate toward the C-arm stationed at the foot end of the table.

Highlight 2

The 1602 Essentia meets the demands of today’s operating room with the capacity to handle increased specialties. Seamless integration with accessories and imaging equipment make this table ready for a wide range of patients and procedures.

Highlight 3

Engineered for extreme durability, the 1602 Essentia can sustain the rigors of the busiest operating room or surgery center. The table also features battery power, providing peace of mind even in case of power loss.

• Dim. Options: 60" x 32.25" | 72" x 32.25" | 60" x 38.25" | 72" x 38.25"
• 36" - 44" Adjustable Height
• Power or Manual Height Adjustment
• Multiple Accessory Options
• Foot Rest

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