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Max-Secure Room Furniture

Maximize Safety & Comfort

Designed for performance and durability, the Max-Secure furniture series maximizes security for patients and staff without compromising on comfort. Manufactured using Herculite® Polymer Composite, its seamless smooth surface is easy-to-clean and withstands continuous use in any behavioral health environment. Each product is available in a variety of soothing colors to match your decor and create a serene environment.


This nightstand gives your patients a place to store their personal effects in the privacy of their room.

Dims: 21 ½" D x 22 ½" W x 23" H

2-Shelf Storage Unit

This 2-shelf storage unit offers a durable and secured solution.

Dims: 13 ½" D x 30" W x 35" H

4-Shelf Storage Unit

The 4-shelf storage unit gives your patients additional space to keep their personal effects.

Dims: 5" D x 30" W x 60.5" H

Corner Mounted Desk

The corner mounted desk is a safe and durable writing or storage surface for your patients’ personal space.

Dims: 25" D x 25 ¹¹⁄₂₅" W x 13 ¹¹⁄₂₀" H

Wall Mounted Desk

The wall mounted desk offers patients a convenient and secured writing or storage surface.

Dims: 25" D x 35 ³⁄₁₀" W x 14 ⁴⁷⁄₁₀₀" H

Round Stool

This durable stool allows patients to work and relax in the privacy of their own rooms.

Dims: 15" W x 18" H

Wall Mounted Bench

Designed to withstand continuous use, this wall mounted bench creates additional seating space in common areas.

Dims: 15" D x 11" H x 48" - 108" (in 12"increments)


Thoughtfully designed to enhance your institution’s security, the Max-Secure furniture series offers many features to prevent injury to self or others:

Its one-piece construction with no exposed fasteners is maintenance-free and resists carving or scratching

The seamless smooth surface manufactured using Herculite® Polymer Composite is antimicrobial and impact resistant

Its solid design offers no space for concealment

The furniture can be ballasted to prevent lifting or throwing

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