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Ook Cocoon

Long-Term Acute Care

Whether you’re in a skilled nursing facility or a long-term acute care facility, we know you strive to provide your residents with nothing but excellence. That is why we offer a high-quality low height bed that helps to maintain their dignity and autonomy. The Ook Cocoon also helps you provide a safe environment for your residents with its state-of-the-art design and advanced technologies such as an integrated bed exit system.


Our integrated Bed Exit System minimizes residents fall risks by allowing staff to monitor bed egresses and rapidly intervene if necessary. Maintain the flexibility you need by relying on its advanced functions such as its three-level sensitivity options, auto-arm, and care pause.


Minimize fall risks and improve comfort for shorter residents by relying on the Ook Cocoon’s enviable 10" low height.


Even at lowest height, the Ook Cocoon's under bed clearance allows compatibility with lifts and over-bed tables.


By keeping patients' mobile devices accessible, our USB ports contribute to minimizing fall risks while increasing the patients' satisfaction. They were positioned with infection prevention in mind: away from high-touch areas and those conducive to liquid infiltration.


Maintain a high level of stability and reduce fall risks with our easy-to-reach and centralized braking system.


Our easy-to-manipulate controls allow residents to find a comfortable position by controlling key bed movements themselves. This highly appreciated accessory encourages their autonomy and enhances their satisfaction.

Fall Prevention, Infection Control, Ease of Use

The Ook Cocoon helps create a safer environment for long-term patients.


Built-in-bed exit detection system - 2 or 3 levels of sensitivity

Bed exit side view lights

Boostless™ Backrest system

Plastic, Wooden, or Laminated headboard & footboard

Choice of customized colors


Compliant with standard IEC 60601-2-52

Overall Length: 88" - 92"

Patient Surface Dims: 35" x 80" or 84"

Overall Width: 39 ¼" (rails down); 41 ½" (rails up)

Weight Capacity: 600 lbs

Height range (to litter top): 10" - 30" (dual caster) or 11 ½" - 31 ½" (single caster)

Backrest: 0° - 60°

Knee Gatch: 0° - 30°

Trend. / Reverse Trend: ± 16°

Boostless™: 4"

5-Function Patient Control

Specifically designed for the Ook Cocoon, the 5-function patient control gives patients more autonomy through various bed adjustment capabilities. Backrest section up/down, knee section up/down, bed height up/down, chair position, and flat bed position

2-Function Patient Control

Allowing backrest and knee motions, the 2-function patient control gives patients more autonomy and comfort. Backrest section up/down and knee section up/down

Bed Extender Pad

The bed extender cushion, to be used with the integrated bed extender, provides greater comfort for taller patients. Several lengths are available to suit your equipment. 4", 6", or 10"

Standard Patient Helper

This easy-to-install and adjustable patient helper encourages patient autonomy and mobility by assisting during in-bed repositioning. Its two independently removable sections offer increased flexibility while a lock-in-place system prevents accidental removal. 170 lb maximum load capacity with independently removable upper and lower portion to facilitate installation, 3-position upper portion, and an adjustable handle position

IV Poles

Telescopic IV poles are offered in a wide range of configurations to fit your needs. Available in fixed and foldable versions and 1" or 3/4" diameter, with a 1/2" IV pole adapter for 3/4" sockets.

Removable Pump Holder

The high-quality removable pump holder offers a convenient solution to support pumps and other accessories. 70 lb maximum load capacity. Designed to be installed on the bed footboard.

Urinal Holder

Specially designed to support and maintain the stability of the urinal bottle while the bed is moving or switching positions, the urinal holder is a convenient solution for preventing leaks. Compatible with open-handle urinals of up to 20 lb. Designed to be installed on both head siderails for easy access in all bed positions.

Oxygen Bottle Holder

Compatible with the entire Ook Snow Bed line, this high-quality oxygen bottle holder is an easy and safe solution for placing the oxygen tank. An optional clamp allows to fix it on another accessory and keep the sockets free. 35 lb maximum load capacity Optional clamp

Transport Cart

Designed for the Ook Snow, Ook Snow MH, and Ook Cocoon, this easy-to-operate transport cart allows vertical transportation around tight spaces and narrow doorways. When used for storage, it helps you save valuable space. Tubular steel construction and powder-coat paint for optimal durability 4 casters with brakes

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