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Stellar XL

Ideal For Any Application

The Stellar XL surgical light provides an ideal balance of high-tech features and value – perfect for any clinical setting. The center handle focus control allows adjustment of the focal point with a twist of the wrist, eliminating the need to reposition the light and keeping headroom clear and line of sight open. Available in single, dual or triple light head configurations and as an upgrade option, the Stellar XL is adaptable to any situation – whether replacing outdated technology or outfitting a new space.

Handle Controlled Focus Capability

Featuring a 27” range of total focusable depth, the StellarXL’s focal point can be easily fine-tuned with the center sterile handle – without moving the light head itself.

Vertically Segmented Reflector Design

Each of the high-intensity LED is suspended upward-facing in its cradle, allowing the vertically segmented reflector (VSRD) to redirect overlapping rays down to the surgical field. The result is 2,000+ beams of light that converge into a continuous column.

Selectable Color Temperature

Skytron puts the clinician in control with the option to choose between a warmer or cooler color temperature based on the procedure type.

Effortless Operation During Procedures

Focal point adjustment according to surgeon preference or need with a twist of the handle.


Vertically Segmented Reflector Design (VSRD)



24" head diameter

160,000 LUX output

27” range of total focusable depth

360° infinite rotation on all axes

Ceiling, Stand, or Boom Mounted

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