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Arm Support

Designed to handle extended amounts of wear and use, our cast aluminum armboard will continue to perform for years to come. The easy to find and use release handle will eliminate the need to bend and crouch. If you need the additional security of a locking handle, the Premium Locking Armboad adds a large rotating knob that will tightly lock the armboard to the side rail. This added security step will prevent any movement even at extreme table articulations.

Standard Armboard

P/N 2-010-07

Premium Armboard

P/N 2-010-08

Premium Locking Armboard

P/N 2-010-09

Radiolucent Armboard

P/N 2-010-04

Skytron X-Wide Armboard

P/N 2-060-06

Multi-Task Armboard

P/N 2-020-02

Raised Armboard

P/N 2-020-01-1

Carbon Fiber Armboard

P/N 2-060-05

Pivoting Carbon Fiber Armboard

P/N 2-060-04

Carbon Fiber Arm Surgery Board

P/N 2-010-06

Carter Arm Surgery Board

P/N 2-030-09

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