UVC Assists in Protection Against the Coronavirus

As we continue to hear about the increased prevalence of Covid-19, the Coronavirus, many people are looking for solutions to combat the spread. The CDC recommends social distancing, good hand hygiene, and reduced facial touching in order to help prevent the spread of this disease. If a healthcare facility does have confirmed cases of Covid-19 or looking to prepare for the potential patients infected, UVC is a vital choice to have in your infection prevention tool kit. UVC offers whole-room-disinfection capabilities, which help reduce the spread of viruses, bacteria, and fungus by denaturing their DNA. This prevents the pathogen from replicating and infecting others. Even with excellent room-cleaning techniques, areas are missed and infection can spread. Using UVC after cleaning the room can further prevent the transmission of diseases like Covid-19. Skytron has the most comprehensive UVC portfolio on the market and has a UVC device to meet your facility’s individual needs.

For more information regarding UVC disinfection, please contact Mike Czechowskyj at mczechowskyj@skytron.com

Reference:  https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2020/t0229-COVID-19-update.html

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News & Research

Operating room air delivery design to protect patient and surgical site results in particles released at surgical table having greater concentration along walls of the room than at the instrument tray

Jennifer A. Wagner, PhD, CICFranklin Dexter, MD, PhD, FASA Damon G. Greeley, PE, CEM, HFDP, CBCP, EDAC, CHFMKevin Schreiber

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Does UVC Hold the Promise of Safe Sanitizing?

“In our current health crisis, prevention terms like DISINFECTING, SANITIZING or ANTI-BACTERIAL treatments are part of our common reality. Until recently, noxious “bio-killing” chemicals in atomized /spray form has been the most widely available choice on the market...

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Periopretive COVID-19 Defense: An Evidence-Based Approach for Optimization of Infection Control and Operating Room Management

Franklin Dexter, MD, PhD, FASA,* Michelle C. Parra, MD,* Jeremiah R. Brown, PhD,†and Randy W. Loftus, MD*

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N95 Facial Mask Disinfection with Warming Cabinets

According to a recent Stanford University School of Medicine study, N95 facial masks can be disinfected when stored at or above 70 degrees C (158 degrees F) for 30 minutes or more...

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Ponoma Valley Hospital First in U.S. to Install Skytron Glass OR

‍The new glass operating room (OR) at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center (PVHMC) is the first Skytron Efficient and Safe Environment (EASE) Modular System installation in the United States...

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UVC Disinfection Assists in Protection Against COVID

As we continue to hear about the increased prevalence of Covid-19, the Coronavirus, many people are looking for solutions to combat the spread. The CDC recommends...

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