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Body Support

Get greater positioning, functionality, and efficiency that covers the spectrum of your clinical needs with our vast selection of accessories and positioning devices. Your Operating Room will be equipped to handle any procedure safely and reliably when the right accessories are combined with your surgical table.

Beach Chair

P/N 3-040-32

EZ-Lift Assist Beach Chair

P/N 3-040-30

3.5” Side Extension

P/N 3-060-04

5” Side Extension

P/N 3-060-08

Lower Back Section

P/N 3-040-24

Shoulder Support

P/N 3-040-01

Chest & Waist Support

P/N 3-010-01

Universal Leg Pad Set

P/N 4-030-66

Standard Armboard Pad Set

P/N 2-060-06-PM

Bariatric Armboard Pad Set

P/N 2-060-06-P

18” Knee Rest

P/N 4-030-10-B

Standard Prone Positioning Frame

P/N 3-070-01

Large Prone Positioning Frame

P/N 3-070-01-L

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