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Guardian Series

G-Series table accessories are our newest table attachments and are compatible with Skytron’s brand new line of Guardian table models. Compliment your Operating Room with unmatched imaging length and surgical access with the 44” carbon fiber extension. G-Series accessories provide greater safety when the accessory attaches in place of the table’s leg section and will communicate with the table to eliminate collisions.

44” Carbon Fiber Extension

P/N 4-031-01

The 44” extension provides unmatched imaging and surgical access all while maintaining an 800 lb. patient capacity.

Light Weight Leg Section

P/N 4-031-02

The lightweight leg section provides an alternative to the standard leg section which is lighter and easier to take on and off. This accessory is most useful for constant lithotomy positioning when the leg section is regularly removed and reinstalled.

Pediatric Extension

PN 4-031-03

Eliminate offsetting patients or poor posture by leaning over the table. The pediatric extensions provide direct access to smaller patients. At 15” wide this extension provides great access from either side for your smallest patients.

KUB Board

P/N 4-041-01

The Kidney Ureter Bladder board provides additional imaging length and width while the carbon fiber allows for 360° of imaging making oblique c-arm imaging easy.

Split Leg

P/N GS70-2

Take the work out adjusting leg extensions. Powered by the table itself the split leg integrates perfectly with G-Series tables. The split leg works independently or in unison by raising or lowing each leg using the power of the table.

5” Side Extension

P/N 3-060-09

The 5” table side extensions will not slide or lift from the table side rails and lock firmly in place. They will provide a 30” working surface to meet bariatric needs.

Lower Back Section

P/N 3-041-03

Achieve better access to your patients in tough positions like lower body imaging or lithotomy with our lightweight Lower Back Section.

GS70 Beach Chair

P/N 3-041-01

Reduce setup times with Skytron Beach Chairs. They are lightweight, easy to install, and increase patient safety. Adjustments to the chair are as simple as pressing a button on your pendant control. This accessory is compatible with Skytron GS70 Table only.

Transfer Board

P/N 4-031-04

Removing and attaching heavy sections can cause stress on the body. Reduce fatigue and produce higher turnaround with our lightweight and easy to install transfer boards.

Guardian Series Clamp

P/N 4-031-01-C

Easy to install and less risk of clamps moving out of place with the Guardian Series Clamp. This clamp can be used on all extensions except the Pediatric Extension.

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