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Leg Support

We have the solutions to meet your needs. Skytron provides a variety of choices for patient leg support and positioning. Achieve great surgical access that is otherwise difficult with a standard leg section with our Split leg accessories.

Universal Split Leg

P/N 4-030-60

Heavy Duty Split Leg

P/N 4-030-61

Foot Rest

P/N 4-030-01

Heavy Duty Foot Rest

P/N 4-030-04

General Tilt Seat

P/N 3-040-12

Hyperlight Leg Section

P/N 4-030-43

Transfer Board

P/N 4-030-20

(Pin Type)

Transfer Board

P/N 4-030-22

(Leg Pin Type)

Transfer Board

P/N 4-030-18

(Side Rail Type)

Levitator Stirrups

P/N 4-090-03-1

Heavy Duty Levitator Stirrups

P/N 4-090-03-1HD

Lithotomy Stirrups

P/N 4-020-02-4

Flex Fit 2 Stirrups

P/N 4-090-16

Versa Fit Stirrups

P/N 4-090-17

Standard Boot

P/N 4-090-17-1

Elite Boot

P/N 4-090-17-2

Bariatric Boot

P/N 4-090-17-3

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