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1140 Sentry


Single Emitter System

The Skytron 1140 Sentry UVC robot delivers a strong germ deactivating UV dose in an affordable and portable package. A quick-release base allows the emitter to be easily placed in tight quarters like EMS vehicles and helicopters. This portable UVC room disinfection device is ideal for many applications, including assisted living and extended care facilities.



Category leading UVC power, single cycle disinfection.


Lightweight and easy to move.


Removable emitter ideal for small spaces likeAmbulances and Aeromed applications.

Disinfection in Hard-to-Reach Spaces

We are here to support you and provide the highest level of care to your facility. Skytron's UVC Disinfection robots, like the 1140 Sentry, are designed to fit in smaller spaces like helicopters, ambulances, and more.


Uses Smart dosing technology to deliver maximum germicidal UVC dose

Automated to remove human error or moving of device

Uses 254nm lights which are the most effective UVC wavelength

Tracking software to give you accurate usage data

Multiple studies showing a statistically significant reduction in HO C.diff of 41% or higher

100% reduction in Klebsiella

Reduced Acinetobacter by 71.4%1

During UVC usage period Meridian Healths aw a statistically significant reduction in CAUTI4

Successful disinfection to prevent transmission of Candida Auris5



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