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3503 EZ Slide

21" Slide

Featuring convenient top slide and the highest table height in our portfolio, the 3503 EZ Slide is designed with the surgical team in mind. Imaging and surgical access is easy with 21” of top slide, allowing for movement of the patient through the imaging window with just the click of a button. With a high height of 43”, the 3503 EZ Slide gives comfortable working access to a broad range of specialties.

Imaging Efficiency

With 21” of top slide, the 3503 EZ Slide makes full body imaging convenient. A simple click of a button effortlessly moves the patient toward the C-arm, eliminating the need for risky re-positioning. The table also features a slim profile base that stays clear of mobile imaging equipment.

Surgical Positioning Flexibility

The 3503 EZ Slide makes positioning and setup a breeze with a removable leg section. This can quickly integrate with accessories such as the optional 40” carbon fiber extension. Sturdy, standardized side rails accept most table accessories and pre-programmed positioning options allow for one-touch maneuvers at any point throughout the procedure.

Improved Patient Safety

The 3503 EZ Slide takes the confusion out of weight limits. The 3503 EZ Slide can provide top slide at full weight capacity, which means the table will support articulation capacities up to 600 pounds –even while sliding the patient through the imaging window.


One-Touch Pendant Control

Battery life/diagnostic indicator

Self-leveling brakes for stability on uneven floors

Easy to use clip style power cord

Optional 40" carbon fiber leg section for upper and lower body imaging

Full Line of Accessories


600 lbs Articulating Capacity

700 lbs Lift Capacity

304 Stainless Steel

21" Top Slide

25"  Minimum Table Height

43" Maximum Table Height

40° Flex

90° Reflex

98° Leg Down

90° Back Up

40° Back Down

30° Trendelenburg

30° Reverse Trendelenburg

20° Tilt Left

20° Tilt Right

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