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3603 UltraSlide

26" Top Slide

Pairing the industry’s longest top slide with substantial weight capacities, imaging access is only part of the 3603 Ultra Slide Series advantage. Combine the table’s top slide capabilities with an 800 pound articulation capacity, and the result is the best of both worlds: imaging and power. The table’s impressive 26" of top slide accommodates the industry’s most generous articulation capacity and provides superior imaging for patients of diverse sizes.

Imaging Efficiency

The 3603 Ultra Slide Series makes full-body imaging easier. At the touch of a button, patients can be effortlessly moved through the imaging window. The low-profile base stays clear of the imaging equipment, providing hassle-free C-arm access

Surgical Positioning Flexibility

The removable back and leg section allow for easy and efficient accessory attachment. Enhance imaging capabilities with the optional 40" carbon fiber extension or attach the beach chair positioner for shoulder surgeries. With the back section removed, the beach chair can be fully integrated and powered by the table, providing one-touch setup.

Improved Patient Safety

Capable of 26" top slide at a full articulation capacity of 800 pounds, the 3603 Ultra Slide Series will remain secure for patients of larger sizes. Its extensive capabilities not only make patient imaging simple, but also eliminate the need for risky re-positioning.


One-Touch Pendant Control

Back lit back-up controls for emergency situations

Self-leveling brakes for stability on uneven floors

Removable back and leg sections for quick accessory attachment and positioning

Easy to use clip style power cord

Full Line of Accessories


800 lbs Articulating Capacity

1000 lbs Lift Capacity

304 Stainless Steel

26" Top Slide

20 ½" (3603) or 23" (3603H) Minimum Table Height

39 ½" (3603) or 41 ½" (3603H) Maximum Table Height

40° Flex

90° Reflex

15° Leg Up

100° Leg Down

90° Back Up

40° Back Down

40° Trendelenburg

30° Reverse Trendelenburg

35° Tilt Left

35° Tilt Right

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