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6702 Hercules

210° Rotation

Combining impressive 1,200 pound lift capacity with exclusive table top rotation, the 6702 Hercules exceeds all standards in general purpose surgical tables. Skytron offers 210° table top rotation – making imaging and patient positioning easy and safe. From pediatric to bariatric, the 6702 Hercules gives any operating room the versatility to handle more procedures and specialties.

Imaging Efficiency

At the turn of a handle, the 6702 Hercules allows superior imaging access at both the head and foot end of the table. The table can quickly rotate toward the C-arm and the low-profile base stays clear of the imaging equipment. Skytron takes the work out of imaging setup.

Surgical Positioning Flexibility

A remarkable 1,200 pound lift and 1,000 pound articulation capacity makes the 6702 Hercules ready for patients of diverse sizes. A low 235/8” table height provides great access to larger patients. There movable back and leg sections allow seamless integration with accessories such as the power beach chair positioner – providing automatic, one-touch setup for shoulder surgery.

Improved Patient Safety

With a table top that rotates independent of the base, the 6702 Hercules allows the brakes to remain firmly in place while moving the patient and maximizing surgical access. This unique feature sets the 6702 Hercules apart and makes any operating room safe.


One-Touch Pendant Control

Battery life/diagnostic indicator

Self-leveling brakes for stability on uneven floors

Easy to use clip style power cord

Optional side extensions widen the table top to 30"

Optional 40" carbon fiber leg section for upper and lower body imaging

Full Line of Accessories


1000 lbs Articulating Capacity

1200 lbs Lift Capacity

304 Stainless Steel

210° Top Rotation

23 ⅝" Minimum Table Height

41 ½" Maximum Table Height

40° Flex

90° Reflex

20° Leg Up

100° Leg Down

90° Back Up

40° Back Down

30° Trendelenburg

30° Reverse Trendelenburg

30° Tilt Left

30° Tilt Right

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