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Aurora Astro

A Versatile Solution

Set up cases faster with Aurora Astro's 360 degree-infinite rotation at all joints. With its ability to easily make subtle adjustments, you can obtain light where you need it most.

Simple and Efficient Positioning

360° rotation on all axes and 355° lighthead pitch for simple and efficient positioning.

Better Surgical Sight Visualization

Two available color temperatures (4100k and 4500k) based upon preferred surgeon preferences. Color correct light provides correct tissue rendering, assuring that each tissue and organ is seen and identified accurately. With Aurora Astro’s spectacular CRI and R9 values, clinicians can be confident that color correct light will be delivered flawlessly every time.

Shadow Reduction

The combined 1,281 overlapping rays of light converge at the surgical field in a crisp, homogeneous spot with superb shadow control.


Vertically Segmented Reflector Design (VSRD)

Fixed Focus

Display Arm Option


17.5" Head Diameter

126,000 LUX +/- 5K lux

4,141K color temperature

CRI 97

R9 96

7.2” spot size

46” depth of field

360° rotation on all axes

Ceiling, Stand, or Boom Mounted

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