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Integrity 215


Increased Throughput, Higher Productivity

Integrity 215 exceeds all standards for capacity—efficient enough for immediate use, productive enough for high-demand environments, and compact enough for most replacement applications. Building on Skytron’s history of quality and innovation, the 215 and 215SG are part of a family of sterilizers designed to meet the wide-ranging needs of today’s healthcare environments. Whether you’re outfitting a new facility, renovating an older one, or replacing outdated technology, Integrity sterilizers offer industry-changing efficiency, capacity, ease of use, and use of space.


Conserve Water

Skytron Integrity Sterilizers feature a water recirculation system within the existing footprint using 65% less water than comparative models.

Save Time & Space

Create custom cycles to run exactly how you want. Integrity 215 handles twice the throughput of our nearest competitor in a smaller footprint.

Easy to Operate

Electric power door offers hand-free control. 12 preset standard cycles with room for 12 more custom cycles. Easily check cycle status with a large countdown timer and progress bar


Water Recirculation System

5.7” LCD full-color touchscreen panel

12 standard and 12 fully customizable cycles

Countdown timer and progression bar visible from more than 30’

Electronic recording of cycle report data

Integrated ink-to-paper printer for hard copy cycle reports

Energy saving daily startup/shutdown timer

Password protected access to supervisor and service modes

Optional Integrated Steam Generator

Recessed mounting or freestanding cabinet


Internal Dims: 25 ½" x 21 ½" x 38"

Up to (6) 25 lbs trays

Compliant to AAMI-ST8:2008 and AAMI-ST79:2010 standards

Dual-walled, fully jacketed stainless steel pressure vessel


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