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Lucina 4

On-Demand Accuracy Without the Footprint

Lucina 4 fits seamlessly into labor and delivery suites, patient rooms, imaging rooms, ICUs and emergency departments, delivering on-demand control and instant visibility. When you need light in a specific area, it delivers. With a remote that syncs up light placement, setting up for a procedure has never been easier. Lucina 4 offers better site visualization and reduced shadow created by caregivers.

Simple Spot Positioning

Featuring Skytron exclusive strobe-guided technology, the Lucina 4 positioning wand ensures that the light and caregiver remain focused on the patient. Guide the light beam to the targeted location with a simple click of a button. Available in configurations ranging from one to four lights, the Lucina 4 wand controls positioning and on/off of all lights simultaneously.

Creates a Comfortable Environment

Lucina 4 lights are mounted flush with the ceiling, ensuring that each clinical space remains comfortable and less intimidating for the patient. In areas with low ceiling heights or other mounting restrictions, the Lucina 4 integrates seamlessly and is less invasive than traditional exam lighting arm configurations.

Saves Time & Money

Energy efficient, long lasting LEDs produce brilliant, color correct lighting for a variety of clinical settings.

Focus Right Where You Need It

Learn how Skytron's Lucina 4 can assist in keeping the light and caregiver focused on the patient.


LED strobe-guided positioning wand

Wall control with On/Off and intensity touchpad and (back-up) positioning buttons

Long lasting LEDs


Single/Dual/Triple/Quad fixture configurations

Fully recessed 24" square fixture

14,000 LUX at working distance

Angles up to 47°

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