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Great Contrast, No Glare, Less Heat

The typical exam light does not have the same shadow control as an OR light, but that is exactly what the Spectra offers: consistent, high-quality light to support the best visualization of any site the caregiver needs.

Vertically Segmented Reflector Design

Seven LEDs with Vertically Segmented Reflector Design(VSRD) optics for shadow control, a perfect spot of bright white light and the same high quality, reliability and durability you have come to expect from Skytron

Suspended LED System

Provides brilliant, white light

Energy Efficient

LED Technology helps drive down energy use and eliminate heat


Vertically Segmented Reflector Design (VSRD)

Cool, color correct light

Large homogeneous light spot

Optional Sterilizable Handle


12" Head Diameter

51,000 lux at 1 meter

4300°K Color Temp

CRI: 96

40,000 hours LED Life

Ceiling, Stand, Wall, or Boom Mounted

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