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Sterling P1000


Worry-Free Compliance While Saving Time, Money, and Space

The Sterling P1000 Washer-Disinfector streamlines and automates the decontamination process – bringing unsurpassed efficiency and flexibility to the SPD.


Conserve Water

The P1000 uses 64% less water and chemicals than other washers.

Comply With Your Medical Device IFU’s

With 40 fully customizable cycles and intuitive touchscreen controls allow for editing parameters for pre-wash, wash, rinse or dry phases.

Maximize Your Efficiency

The P1000 has a smaller footprint and offers more throughput than other washer.


7" Touchscreen UI

RFID Tracking + ID

40 Fully Customizable Cycles

15+ Wash Rack Configurations

Electronic Cycle Data Storage

Software Monitoring Solution

Optional Conductivity Sensor


DIN Tray Capacity (10"x2"x19"): 12

Avg. Water Usage per Fill: 3.9

Avg. Water Usage per Cycle: 15.6 gal

Chamber Dims: 21.7" x 27.2" x 24.6"

External Dims: 26.1" W x 78.1" H x 28" D

Fixed or Modular/Flexible Racks

Chemical Dosing Pump Capacity: 4


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