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Sterling P1800


Process your medical devices the most efficient, and compliant way possible

The Sterling P1800 is designed to set a new standard for Sterile Processing Departments. With a large capacity, small footprint, fast cycles, as well as low water and electrical consumption, the Sterling P1800 will improve the workflow of your SPD.


Lower Cost of Ownership

With less water and chemical usage than other washers on the market, you can save up to 50% in chemical and sewage costs.


Edit cycle parameters to meet your needs while electronically documenting the performance of all cycles.


With up to 18 DIN trays per cycle, it gives you the best throughput cycle in the least amount of space.


7" Touchscreen UI

RFID Tracking + ID

40 Fully Customizable Cycles

15+ Wash Rack Configurations

Electronic Cycle Data Storage

Software Monitoring Solution

Optional Conductivity Sensor


DIN Tray Capacity (10"x2"x19"): 18

Avg. Water Usage per Fill: 5.8-6.6 gal

Avg. Water Usage per Cycle: 23.2-26.4 gal

Chamber Dims: 27.8" x 27.1" x 33.5"

External Dims: 32.3" W x 78.5" H x 36.9" D

Fixed or Modular/Flexible Racks

Chemical Dosing Pump Capacity: 4


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